Low Back Pain resulting From A Car Crash

If you have been involved in an auto accident in or around Charlotte North Carolina, we have been caring for auto accident victims in Charlotte for more than A decade.

We pride ourselves in being one of only a few personal injury chiropractic clinics that dedicates its practice to the proper care of auto accident victims only, it’s all we do.

If you are suffering from a spinal injury such as low back or neck pain after your car accident, we invite you to visit our Charlotte car accident clinic right away. We will see to it that you receive the specific car accident injury treatment you need to fully recover. Our car accident treatment protocols includes a thorough examination of the posture of your neck, upper back and lower back spinal vertebrae to determine any potential spinal injury or damage has taken place. These chiropractic & orthopedic tests will help us determine if your disc is injured and herniated or if there are any undetected injuries from your car accident in Charlotte, North Carolina traffic. We will perform specific chiropractic car accident treatment protocols that are intended to reduce pain and improve mobility. Remember a lack of pain following a car accident does not necessarily mean you are healthy and did not suffer injury.

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8 most frequently asked questions following a Charlotte car collision

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  • "Great staff and team! Friendly and down to earth really care about your needs at the door! I recommend this location to family and friends for relief and recovery!"

    Dree Springer
  • "This place is really great. I noticed improvements within the first few weeks. The staff is professional and incredibly nice! I would definitely recommend for anyone in the future."

    Jarvis Perdue

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